What makes our lighting products different?

We didn’t just set out to copy what was already on the market with traditional pinball lighting products. We wanted to create something new and affordable.

Pinball is in the DNA of the product

Our lighting products and hardware are designed from the ground up to be used in pinball machines. We do not use commodity “off the shelf” LED hardware. We have specced our hardware and software to handle all generations of pinball machines and offer unprecedented levels of interactivity. Instead of washing out your playfield in a single color, you can highlight regions based on events happening in that area of the playfield. We strongly believe that the level of integration with the game that is achievable is what separates us from “just another LED strip provider” and places us into the ranks of Expression Lighting and similar offerings you’d see direct from the factory.

Beauty and function come standard

We also do not charge for features we feel should be “basic” integrated offerings in a pinball lighting product. As such, all of our products are properly diffused and are shielded from the sides to prevent bleed onto adjacent games.

Honest marketing promise

In our marketing, you will only find honest, undoctored photos showing comparisons of our product. We vow not to alter the contrast or exposure so you get the real comparisons and facts before you choose to buy!

All units are designed, assembled and shipped from Austin, Texas.


Beautiful Diffusion

All of our lights are beautifully diffused offering a seamless look that makes your playfield pop. No more ugly dots on your side ramps, plastics and wireforms.

Invisimount Magnet Mounting

Our lights use a super low-profile magnet mounting system with ultimate bonding on the cabinet, and ultimate adhesion to the light bars. Minimal worry about damaging your magnets when lifting the playfield!

Side Shields Included

All of our lights come with integrated side shields. These prevent the blinding bleed that distracts players on adjacent games. Combined with our 180 degree lighting solution, these direct light perfectly across the entire playfield.

Switch Triggering
(Coming Soon)

Easily have your lights respond to microswitch events in your game.

Customizable Color Palette
(Coming Soon)

Each light bar features up to 16 customizable regions that you can apply up to 16 million colors or various effects to.

Flasher Triggering

Trigger lighting effects based on flasher events in your game, offering unprecedented levels of immersion.

GI Integration

All lighting kits have the ability to seamlessly sync to the game’s GI, and not just on or off! For pro kits, you can have a “minimum” or “ambient color” set that turns off brighter lights but applies a moodier low lighting effect in sync with the GI.

Mobile App Control

All lights can be controlled with the Pinlights mobile app. As a bonus, we also allow you to control your existing light bar solutions right from the same app.

Disconnect with Ease

Tired of playing the balancing act with having your existing lights flopping around the playfield while you try to work on your game? We’ve got you covered. All Pinlights ship with our QuickConnect system, allowing you to easily disconnect your light bars for complete removal without having to remove all of the electronics.

Works with all of your games