About Us

Who We Are

Pinlights is a brand within the 86Pixels family of companies. We’ve been in the pinball space for over ten years, and collecting well beyond that. We’ve lent engineering expertise to companies like Multimorphic, Spooky Pinball, American Pinball, Valley Dynamo, Haggis Pinball, Dutch Pinball and many others.

You might know us from our Pinvision mods sold at 86pixels.com – Pinlights is a brand built around providing attractive, interactive pinball lighting at an affordable price.

Even though it’s a different brand, we’ve got you covered with the same great engineering and customer service you’ve come to expect with our other products. Got questions, no problem, let us know! Did your kit arrive damaged? No sweat, just send us a note and we’ll make it right!

Our Values

  • Beauty and Function – All of our lights are designed to be diffused, so they look great on any game in any setting.
  • Reliability – Each set of Pinlights is tested before it leaves.
  • Crystal Clear Marketing – We measure the lighting differences on every product we produce, so you know exactly what you’re getting and what the difference is versus the stock GI lighting or competing products. No Photoshop here.