Troubleshooting Pinlights Classic

To reset your Pinlights controller, hold down the “NUKE” button on the controller board for 10 seconds while the power is applied.

Remove any associated games in your Pinlights app, and go through the “Add Game” process again.

First, sometimes the Pinlights devices take a second to connect and begin broadcasting on the network. Simply “pull down” and refresh on the home screen where all of your games are listed. This will force the app to re-detect the Pinlights devices on your network.

Next (if the above didn’t solve your issue), make sure you typed in the wifi password correctly (and selected the right network). If you want to retry adding your device, remove the game from the app, then hold the “NUKE” button on your Pinlights controller board down for 10 seconds, repeat the process.

If that doesn’t work, check your router settings. Sometimes UPnP or “Easy Mesh” settings in your router can interfere with the device communications on your network. Firmware version 0.0.15 and beyond have updates to better handle these types of networks. If you have a board manufactured prior to June 2024 and cannot get it to connect to your network, email [email protected] to arrange a replacement.

Firmware upgrades can be performed from the Pinlights mobile app on Android or iOS. If your Pinlights controller is on the network, open the game in the Pinlights app, scroll down and hit “Update Firmware” – Keep your phone on. The app will check for updates and apply any relevant updates to the Pinlights controller. You will not lose your settings.

A few things can cause your Pinlights not to power up. Let’s step through them.


1. Check that the power adapter is completely plugged in (both where the AC cable connects to the brick, and where the barrel connector plugs into the control board). Oftentimes these can appear to be plugged in, but aren’t fully secured.

2. If the board has 3 LEDs that are on, then the board is getting power. The next place to check is your GI connection. If there is no GI signal sensed by the Pinlights system, your lights will not activate. An easy troubleshooting step is to go into the app and set the “Minimum GI brightness” setting to something above 0. If your lights turn on, check the connections between the “GI” port on the control board and the GI lamp itself.


If the issues persist, please email support at [email protected]

If your flashers are stuck on, chances are they’re connected to a lamp that is pulsing or strobing more than not. This is common on Stern Spike II games where “flashers” are treated like any other feature lamp. For this, we suggest using the included Stern Shaker Motor Connector harness. You don’t need a physical shaker motor to use this feature, it simply connects into your cabinet driver board at CN16.


For other games, consider connecting to a different flasher that is used less, and make sure you’re not connecting the flasher port to a GI bulb.

There are no redemption codes required to use Testflight to obtain the iOS app. This is commonly a design bug with the Testflight app.


Close out of Testflight, click our testflight link again, and scroll down and hit the “Start Testing” button.