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The ultra slim versions are the light bars themselves. They are almost half of the width of the standard Pinlights Classics and come on a powder coated aluminum frame.

The low profile metal mounts are for the cabinet side. They allow you to attach to the cabinet wall using a thin steel plate rather than a fatter magnet strip. These are ideal if you have art blades and don’t want to stick an adhesive magnet on top (or can’t due to adhesion issues). These also prevent the lights from pulling your artwork off the game.

Well, the short answer is you don’t! However we’re keen on providing a great value solution that is both plug and play and provides a factory look!

Pinlights are easy to use, install in minutes and are affordable.

Sure, there is a lovely thread on Pinside featuring people who have made their own! However there are a flaws to the common approaches we see:

  1. LEDs sold on Amazon are cheap and won’t hold up well to heat (something that builds up in a high brightness, closed up environment like a pinball machine)
  2. The adhesives that they use on these LED strips aren’t great and lead to curling or complete de-lamination
  3. No interactivity with the game
  4. No light diffusion
  5. No damage-free support for games with art blades
  6. The mounting systems for the light bars themselves will fail quickly due to cheap adhesives that are commonly used
  7. No side-shields, so you’re throwing a lot of light to the sides and is a complete distraction for players on adjacent games

The Invisimount system is less than 1/32″ thick at the cabinet wall. The magnetic strip on the light bar is 1/16″ thick.

In other words, your playfield only needs to be more than 1/32″ from the wall to clear the Invisimount, pretty much eliminating concern over scratching or removing the mounting solution when the playfield is raised and lowered.

Yes, all Pinlights are WiFi enabled and controllable with the app.

We didn’t set out to compete solely on price. We believe that price competition isn’t good for the market in the long run. We truly wanted to offer a different lighting option in terms of diffusion and software control. Some things that are unique to Pinlights include:

  • All models are diffused and beautiful
  • QuickConnect harnesses for easy disconnection at the back of the playfield
  • Side Art Mounting Brackets – Never worry about lights pulling off your side art blades again, an easy mount metal system snaps right to the side of the cabinet.
  • Tournament Mode – Want a distraction free playing experience in the heat of competition? Flip a toggle in the app and the lights are held at their configured brightness regardless of GI state and flashers are disabled.
  • Minimum Brightness – Are obnoxious GI effects giving you a headache? Set a minimum brightness so you can still see the ball through all the shenanigans.
  • GI ducking – If you want, flip a toggle switch and GI will turn off when flashers are on for a more exaggerated effect.
  • GI color temperature – Our light strips incorporate two low profile GI circuits for a diffused and customizable look. Mix cool white and warm white colors to get the perfect GI setting for your era of game.
  • GI flasher mix – The blue/purple hues that come with the flasher lights can also enhance the overall GI color. Using the app, you can mix in a subtle amount for some added flare during traditional gameplay.