Low Profile Metal Mounts


Secure your Pinlights to the cabinet with our most low profile mount yet. Even thinner than our magnet mounting system, these give you maximum hold while being practically invisible. With our quick-connect system, you can easily raise your playfield without having to remove everything from the cabinet. You also eliminate the worry of adhesion issues and surface preparation!

Comes in a set of 2

Great with art blades

Magnetic adhesion systems will often weigh down side art blades. Most side art is printed on material that “breathes”. While this is good for the application process, the adhesion of the art blade can eventually fail under the weight of the light bars (both ours and competitors). Pinlights offers these mounting brackets as an accessory for any lighting system you might have. These allow the Pinlights to remain secured to the cabinet without the fear of damaging your art blades.

All orders are shipped via UPS. Due to high demand: Please allow 2-3 weeks for production, testing and shipment.

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